March 2016 Gardening Tips

Timely Tips for March Gardeners from Calloway’s and Cornelius

One of the busiest gardening months of the year is here!  March is the time to clean up, fix up, prune,
fertilize, check irrigation systems and PLANT!!!  March weather can be very fickle – it could still freeze
since the average last freeze is mid-March or it could be very balmy and pleasant.  You can’t predict the
weather in Texas.

March is a great month to plant almost every kind of landscape plant.  The sooner you plant, the quicker
the plant will start getting established.  This is important if the plants are to do well through the hot, stressful
summer.  Calloway’s/Cornelius Nursery are receiving weekly shipments of fresh nursery stock and this is
the prime time to buy and plant.

Do not be too eager to apply fertilizer to your warm season lawn grasses (St. Augustine and Bermuda);
it is best to wait until April. Spring green-up results from nutrients that were stored by the grass last; fall
proving importance of fall fertilization.  Pushing the lawn too hard in the early spring could result in a weaker
root system going into summer.

Allow foliage on spring bulbs such as daffodils to die back and dry before removing to create food for next
year’s plants.

A few great early season flower choices are sweet alyssum, geraniums, stocks, snapdragons and petunias.

If you missed applying the pre-emergent weed preventer in February, then go ahead and make an application
now.  You may miss a portion of the weeds which germinate in early Spring but it may still control many of the
types that germinate in the warmer part of the year.

Prune back overgrown ground cover such as English ivy and Asian jasmine to maintain the height you prefer.
Do this before new growth begins.

Begin fertilizing roses every 4 to 6 weeks now until September with Calloway’s Rose Food.
Continue to feed pansies and other cool season annuals to extend their bloom season.

Keep frost cloth on hand and cover tender plants to protect from freezing weather.

Have your irrigation system checked.  Converting your beds to drip irrigation or changing your watering cycles
to water deeply but less frequently will keep your water bill low and help conserve water.

Information courtesy of Calloway’s Nursery ©2016, Attribution to Calloway’s required for all use
and reproduction

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