BV Pet Network

What should you do if you find a stray animal in Braeburn Valley?

Contact the owner if the dog has a collar and tags with identifying information:  Examples are:  owner telephone number, owner address, rabies tag from local vet office.

Take a picture and post to NextDoor.

Post on PawBoost.  The organization will notify BARC and post to Facebook page.

Take the dog to a local vet office to check if there is a chip.  This service should be free.   See Braeburn Valley website for a list of local vets.

Houston SPCA will neuter, chip, give shots and put the animal up for adoption.

Notify Houston SPCA which has links to BARC and CAP

Post on local Facebook groups.   Include photo, description of the animal, that you have checked for a chip,  name of contact and telephone number.

Notify PawBoost.

The Braeburn Valley Pet Network, Animal Resource listing, has many more links for you.    BARC also has an excellent list of resources.

This is also a great resource for ideas of what you should do if you find a lost/stray animal

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